Chris Sorbi recently contacted me about his Transcontinental Humanitarian Expedition. He’s going around the world on his motorcycle to raise awareness about world hunger. He travels around on his motorcycle while also posting updates about his expedition and about hunger in general. I love the idea! First of all, I think motorcycles are cool. More […]

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I was recently contacted by a person named Abby from the World Food Programme, which is the food aid branch of the United Nations and the world’s largest humanitarian organization. Abby informed me that this year the number of chronically hungry people will reach 1 billion and at the same time the number of internet […]

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End Poverty T-Shirts

30 July 2009

I found some cool t-shirts made by a company called Junk Food about poverty. All these shirts say “end poverty” on them. I think this is a great way to raise awareness about poverty. Check them out:    The first is a lady’s medium. The second is a man’s extra large. The third is available […]

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T-Shirt Contest Over

23 June 2009

Our t-shirt contest is now over. Congratulations to LJEsposito, ScotHTH, and Macrocompassion who will each receive a free t-shirt from the Moju Project! Nonetheless, the discussion of how a large sum of money could be spent to alleviate poverty is valuable regardless of it being a contest. So even though the contest is over, if […]

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A nice gentleman named Gerrid from the Moju Project recently contacted me to tell me about the project. It’s simple: A portion of the proceeds from anything bought off their website goes towards saving lives. Every t-shirt they sell feeds an orphan one hot meal daily for a month in Africa. I like the t-shirts. […]

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On Sunday, May 4th, I will be volunteering at Foodshare’s Walk Against Hunger. If you will be in Connecticut and could make it to the walk site in Hartford, then please do. If you want to go and volunteer with me, just tell me as soon as you can. (You can contact me by email […]

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