A personal favor…

6 August 2007

Any sane person would prefer to live in a world without poverty than a world with poverty. We prefer to live by each other’s happiness, not each other’s pain. Of course, this makes it odd that poverty continues. What can you do to fight poverty? Most importantly, talk about it! We cannot solve a problem […]

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23 July 2007

Larry Esposito recently pointed me towards LIFT on his Morning Prayer thread in the Hunger & Poverty Forums. ‘Lift’ stands for ‘Leading India’s Future Today.’ The program¬† provides “leadership excellence training” to poor but extremely talented children in India. By creating relationships with over 100 villages, LIFT can find the most capable leaders within the […]

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Stamp Out Hungerô

10 May 2007

Somebody recently informed me about a great program run by Campbell Soup Company and The United States Postal Service, which facilitates the donation of food by American families to American family. 35,000,000 Americans are at risk of hunger. Get involved on May 12th! www.HelpStampOutHunger.com On May 12th, Campbell Soup Company and The United States Postal […]

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What Child Could Deserve This? Innocent children dying of hunger… millionsofmouths.com Millions Of Mouths intends to sell a million pixels to raise over a million pounds of food to help feed the millions of starving and hungry people. Millions Of Mouths May Mega-Markdown – Through the month of March, you can buy pixels at 1% […]

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Teens Fast to Fight Hunger

13 February 2007

Approximately 500,000 teens across the country intend to participate in the 2007 World Vision 30-Hour Famine. For 30 hours, starting at noon Feb. 23, the participants plan to go without food, consuming only liquids, learn about world hunger and poverty and perform service projects in their communities. The money raised by each participant contributes to […]

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I usually oppose government spending. Nonetheless, the way to lower spending is to stop hiring workers, rather than decrease the benefits and pay of workers. I speak here of our brave veterans. I find it highly disturbing how poorly we and our government treat our veterans. While cutting veterans benefits, congress continually decides to raise […]

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