A new YouTube channel allows users to submit videos about world hunger for a contest by the United Nations World Food Programme. They call the contest Hunger Bytes. The WFP will choose 5 finalists, and the video that gets the most views will win a trip for two to a WFP hunger relief project. I […]

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I just found an article that Kathryn McConnell wrote in October about Crop Hunger Walks in 2007. Church World Service sponsors these walks. Like most charity walks and marathons, walkers get donations from people for walking. Of course, the walks themselves become major local events, which raises awareness about world hunger and poverty. People who […]

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FoodShare Volunteers

13 November 2007

Today while at community service, I worked with a group of volunteers from Bank of America. I know they are Bank of America employees because they all wore red “Bank of America” t-shirts. They also told me so. 🙂 Perhaps only a few local Bank of America employees organized that volunteering. Of course, having employees […]

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I found out about a neat website today. FreeRice.com lets you improve your vocabulary and fight world hunger at the same time. The service is both fun and free. On the website, you try to choose the correct definition for a word. For each word you get correctly, they donate 10 grains of rice to […]

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Students from the Sociology Club at IUP dressed in ragged clothes and handed out informational flyers about poverty. The flyers included statistics from UNICEF research, such as the fact that 30,000 children die every day from hunger (more than the UN’s 18,000 estimate) and that half the world lives on less than $2 a day. […]

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Wayside Communities

1 October 2007

A user by the name of Firefly suggested a great idea on the Hunger and Poverty Forums. He suggests the organizing local groups of poor people into what he calls wayside communities. These local groups would help empower poor people and fight poverty in the way that Alcoholics Anonymous helps empower alcoholics and fight alcohol […]

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