Most Inmates Are Mentally Ill

In a previous post, “Guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty…”, it was revealed that most people in jail have not been convicted but are guilty only of being too poor to afford bail, with most of their unproven charges being for nonviolent offenses anyway. Further investigation reveals that these nonviolent people being […]

Guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty–Which do you want?

An article in the New York Review of Books points out that more than 95% of inmates in the USA do not get a trial. That is because of the widespread use of plea bargins. Even that percentage under addresses the state of affairs because it deals with how cases are ultimately resoled. As a […]

How to Protect the Two Party System

How to Protect the Two Party System Step 1 ~ Run as an anti-establishment candidate in a meaningless primary against a shoe-in establishment candidate in a broken two party system. Step 2 ~ Rally anti-establishment voters, especially the young and not yet jaded. (Not jaded but still anti-establishment? Yup.) Step 3 ~ Endorse establishment candidate. […]

Doing The Same Thing, Expecting Different Results

Check out this image by Andy Singer: What do you think? Please leave a comment below. What I Think A small fraction of what even just the USA–just one country–spends on military could provide food, clothes, shelter, quality education and healthcare for all. This has so much to do with 18,000 children dying each day–each […]