Would you support an initiative to bomb Agrabah? Spending billions of dollars waging a military attack on Agrabah would mean billions of dollars in revenue for Washington insiders like Halliburton. Would you support it? There’s just one problem. Agrabah doesn’t exist. It’s the fictional city in the movie Aladdin. Yet, a clever poll by Public […]

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Point: Trump

13 December 2015

The politicians from both parties are owned by the same group of wealthy special interests. These bipartisan wealthy special interest groups actually receive the vast majority of tax dollars. The politicians use half-assed trickery to keep us divided over wedge issues like abortion or universal healthcare, as if an allegedly more or less efficient health […]

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It looks like the New England police union (NEPBA) will endorse Trump.1 In other unrelated news, my New England home state of Connecticut spends billions of taxpayer dollars hunting down and locking up peaceful people for things like marijuana or–coming soon–just being Muslim. Which is worse: being Muslim or being a pacifist smoking a joint? […]

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I agree with Dick Cheney?

8 December 2015

I am pretty cynical when it comes to all politicians, especially one from either the Democrat or Republican party since both parties are each by billions of dollars in the payroll of Big Oil, just for one example of the bipartisan powers that be. Dick Cheney, a warmongering politician who through conflicts of interest such […]

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Why This Meme is Incorrect

2 December 2015

Why This Meme is Incorrect tl;dr ~ The top-left already exists, has for generations, and is inexorably ongoing for the time-being. We can’t have the bottom because the top-left exists. So the choice we are left with for the time-being is (A) to have just the top-left or (B) to have both the top-left plus […]

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Racism Engenders Violence

24 November 2015

The breaking news is that five Black Lives Matter protesters have been shot in Minneapolis by Neo-Nazis. Source 1, Source 2 I predict this story makes much less headlines than the Refugee issue or what the Kardashians do. Cue ominous quote from Heath Ledger’s Joker about things going according to plan… American citizens kill each […]

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