I agree with Dick Cheney?

I am pretty cynical when it comes to all politicians, especially one from either the Democrat or Republican party since both parties are each by billions of dollars in the payroll of Big Oil, just for one example of the bipartisan powers that be. Dick Cheney, a warmongering politician who through conflicts of interest such as Halliburton profits from war, is no exception to my cynicism. That’s why it might be surprising that I confidently agree with him on something. Take a look:


Donald Trump is now calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. That’s an actual quote from his campaign statement.1


Dick Cheney on banning Muslims
Dick Cheney on banning Muslims

What do you think? With whom do you agree on this matter and why? Respond

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  1. I can firmly say that it is rare that I would agree with Dick Cheney and his usually deeply right views. But he and I share the same thoughts on this. Donald Trump is speaking just to hear himself talk at this point. Those of Muslim faith come in every form and color. The thought of wanting to ban an entire religion is just absurd. Donald Trump will be the reason I move to Canada if I ever thought he could possible win.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Cheney that our country was founded on and should continue to be dedicated to religious freedom.

    That said, I profoundly disagree that Trump is “speaking just to hear himself talk”. He is a narcissisist whipping people into a hateful we/they frenzy that got the likes of Hitler elected. I tried to think I was misunderstanding history, that people could not be so manipulatable or that it couldn’t happen in these more developed times. But, though it was on a much smaller scale, I personally witnessed a narcissist powermonger whip people into a we/they hatefest to gain the reins of power. And that occurred in what purports to be a holy community! Trump is a true danger.

  3. Anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a joke, and it disturbs me that people think he’s serious. I was actually watching the news about this here in Tokyo this morning, and the newscasters could hardly keep a straight face and were pretty open to the opinion that this was absurd.

    I can’t believe it either, but I agree with Cheney as well. At least you actually pay attention to what people are saying and yoy don’t just base your opinions on who said it or which party they are cheering for.

  4. It’s really defeating to always pick from lesser of two evils. America didn’t have a good man on its helm since Kennedy.

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