The unfortunate Arabs

Guest post by Sheeraz Khan, author of The World Is In Me

First thing what comes to my mind when I think of Arab world is Dubai or Kuwait. What it would be like going to a place where the definition of Heaven on Earth defines. Where an average citizen not only drives in Ferrari but also has a lion or tiger pub as a pet. Women are compared to Angels especially their ferocious eyes are no less than hypnotizing and driving a Hummer car in desert will leave you with feeling that you conquered the world.

It’s always magical to have a visit to the place which turned itself into world’s most developed city(Dubai) from being just a desert or a land known just for selling dates and camels to the outsiders. Coming back home from the ‘bright side’ of Arab leaves you with a feeling that life is beautiful and you wish what if your whole life is just like this. Having a business not with many risks, sufficient money to feed your generations to come, 3 or 4 beautiful wives among whom no one having trouble with another one because you treat them equally, luxurious cars, villas, polo and what not. Just Google for the image of an arab stud or a beautiful women, seeing their face itself gives you an instinct idea like.. . what if having a life like that or you wonder how crazy they enjoy their routine life in a buffet way.

But just like every coin has the other side as well the other side of arab is not this lavish. Forget lavish it’s a battle surviving every day. Leaving Dubai might give you ecstacy but leaving Syria or Palestine wont let you stop wondering that life is a nightmare.

Putting aside whatever the government decisions were from the western side or the Arab rulers deciding their own people fate, whatever happening in the dark side of Arab world is no less than a war against innocent people. Did they ever wanted any of this? Did they imagine that their children one day will have to see a situation where they’ll be leaving their homes, there everything where they grew up and dreamed of living a normal life and fly away to other countries as refugees with no guarantee for their future or their own life. Whoever is responsible which I seriously don’t want to know because there ain’t any conclusion but onething I know is that the common people are suffering for food and basic requirements. The governments blame one another and ISIS is doing everything they would have done to spread terror sometimes I wonder is ISIS having more weapons than U.S and Russia or is it there terror mind turned more confident and brave than our leaders.

We have fallen to an extent where people want to give up religious faith because it is no more considered good to believe in someone helping us from above the skies (nothing is worst than losing faith in something beyond creation) because they think it is the root cause for all human destruction.
We send funds and charity organizations do their best to feed the hungry mankind living in fear. Celebrities and rich people sitting in royalty send millions but I don’t think it will solve the problem unless we succeed in realizing the one who is responsible behind all the chaos happening. If we don’t do that surely a day will come when we’ll be feeling sorry for not doing something useful at right time.

We believed in God when we wanted something for ourselves or our loved ones and took it for granted now that we are seeing someone behind the masks destructing humanity we are considering God’s religion to be a root cause for destruction of world peace (such a shame).
Did’nt you ever feel like there are people in our society who are using religion or democracy as a shield to satisfy their egoistic or satanic (dirty mind) needs?

May be its time that we should start blaming them just like if am a bad man its because I choose to be bad but not because of my parents similarly, lets blame the one who is trying to divide us not the religion or human values which are meant to unite us. See the difference


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