I don’t mean to mini-rant here, but… Which would you do: fight non-violent people or feed hungy children? I’m an anarchist, so I advocate small government (and theoretically the eventual elimination of government all-together). Accordingly, I believe the solution to social problems such as hunger need to come from private means, not governmental ones. So, […]

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A Crazy Idea

19 August 2006

The below is a bulletin I recieved on MySpace from A Crazy Idea: A Crazy Idea and Youth Against Poverty have teamed up to form a coalition to end poverty in America, and they need your help! The numbers are staggering. Today 37 million Americans live in a state of poverty, hunger and hardship. That’s […]

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by Scott Hughes Sure, those who want to end world hunger also happen to often want to end war. Sure, sympathetic activists sympathize with both causes – the fight against hunger and the fight for peace. However, the reason war and hunger are linked is not just that these two movements happen to be motivated […]

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by Josh Riverside To discard the old furniture, when you are about to makeover the decor of your house, is a natural impulse for most of us. But do you realize that every time you throw out your old furniture, you could also be throwing away somebody’s chance to lead a better life? Wouldn’t it […]

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