The Hidden Costs of War

Joe De Capua recently wrote a news article about the hidden costs of war. I include an excerpt: The new UN General Assembly session opens next week, and there’s a call for the United Nations to address what one group calls the hidden costs of war. The NGO ActionAid says that of the food crises […]

Six Years Later

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks that entailed the murder of about 3,000 people. Additionally, the Bush administration used 9/11 to trick America into waging a needless war on Iraq, which resulted in more American deaths than 9/11 itself, as well as the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi […]

West Bank Poverty Spawns Child Beggars

Laurie Copoans recently wrote an article about how West Bank poverty spawns child beggars. I include an excerpt: Israel’s massive barrier of walls and fences separating it from the West Bank has made it harder for adult laborers to enter Israel, so families wracked by poverty are increasingly sending their children instead. Children as young […]

Third of Iraqi Children Now Malnourished

Uruknet reports on Iraqi children’s malnourishment four years after US invasion: …malnutrition rates have risen in Iraq from 19 percent before the US-led invasion to a national average of 28 percent four years later. Caritas says that rising hunger has been caused by high levels of insecurity, collapsed healthcare and other infrastructure, increased polarisation between […]