Rex Iverson died in the Box Elder County Jail Saturday after being arrested on a $350 Tremonton Justice Court bench warrant for failing to pay a $2,377 judgment on a 2013 Tremonton City Ambulance bill. Iverson could not afford bail let alone the $2,376.92 bill to the Tremonton City Ambulance service. There was an attempt […]

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What do you think? Similarly, Billionaire Warren Buffet has been pointing out repeatedly for years that he pays less in taxes as a percentage of income than his secretary.(1) Do you think the rich should pay less taxes as a percentage of income than working families? Please leave a reply letting me know what you […]

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How to Protect the Two Party System Step 1 ~ Run as an anti-establishment candidate in a meaningless primary against a shoe-in establishment candidate in a broken two party system. Step 2 ~ Rally anti-establishment voters, especially the young and not yet jaded. (Not jaded but still anti-establishment? Yup.) Step 3 ~ Endorse establishment candidate. […]

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Charity Nominations Needed

21 January 2016

I had what I think is a good idea this morning. I’m going to collect some nominations for good charities, and then let all the people who have said they will buy my book vote for their favorite charity. Then I will donate to that charity. I’m thinking $1 per book sold on release day. […]

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I got 50k to donate to waters … Let's see if we can have @50cent match me! I'm pretty sure "flint" supported us! Serious post contact …. Roc nation will purchase for me and ship! Not even just him all entertainers! I ain't got the tine posting memes and shit… "Way too trill for that" […]

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Dreams and Goals

30 December 2015

Dreams are things like ending world hunger or releasing the millions of poor, sane, nonviolent people in prison or camps throughout the world. What’s your dream? Goals are steps on the staircase to dreams. One big goal I have right now is to get my new book to #1 on Amazon. As of this writing, […]

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