Rex Iverson died in the Box Elder County Jail Saturday after being arrested on a $350 Tremonton Justice Court bench warrant for failing to pay a $2,377 judgment on a 2013 Tremonton City Ambulance bill. Iverson could not afford bail let alone the $2,376.92 bill to the Tremonton City Ambulance service. There was an attempt […]

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Poverty, homelessness, and starvation are rampant in the world. This is nothing new and should never be taken lightly. Roughly, 795 million people in the world are chronically malnourished. That’s a startling number. But just how many people are starving or going without adequate food in America? One in six. For being the tenth wealthiest […]

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Guest post by Sarah Jae Blake, author of Sketches I’ve never known what it was like to be poor, or to not be able to afford food. That was before I met my friend Ellie. Her family had an extremely low income, and they could barely afford food or basic luxuries that we all take […]

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I just read a sad story about a mother forced by poverty to choose which one of her 6 kids to send to school. The mother fled from Iraq with her children to Syria after her husband got killed in Iraq. Syria gives citizenship to Iraqi families who enroll at least one of their children […]

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Garret Mathews recently wrote a column about the bitter reality of poverty: You’re taking a bunch of fifth-graders home from the pet store and the mall. They live on the poor side of town and don’t have many opportunities to go places. In some cases, their caregivers don’t even have cars. You get a good […]

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My Best Dinner Companion

22 August 2006

by Jennifer Shukla Several years ago, I was living in New York City for a summer as part of a college internship. I had a roommate there, but we kept very different schedules so I almost never saw her. Every morning on my way to work, I would pass a homeless woman who slept under […]

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