Video: Maximum Benefits from Microfinance

I was recently contacted by Santo Purnama of about their non-profit film and documentary archive for social impact. I looked through their hunger and poverty section, finding many interesting videos. This one about micro-finance stood out to me in particular since micro-finance has intrigued me for a while: Here are a few older posts […]

Free Hugs Can Change the World

For those of you not already familiar with the Free Hugs Campaign, I recommend you watch the following YouTube video. I bet it will make you smile: I love it! It is entertaining and pleasantly funny to watch this random long-haired guy walk around with a sign offering free hugs. More seriously, I feel even […]

Jeffrey Sachs Discusses Poverty with Jon Stewart

On The Daily Show last night, John Stewart interviewed economist Jeffrey Sachs. Check it out: I look forward to reading Jeffery Sachs new book, Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. Regarding the interview, I like that he empathizes the connection between poverty and wasteful, destructive militarism. Also, I like that he basically says that […]

Brenda’s Got A Baby

The following video shows Tupac Shakur performing his song Brenda’s Got A Baby, which tells the story of a 12-year-old girl from the ghetto who has a baby that she cannot support. The song addresses teen pregnancy and the lack of support for impoverished teens from their families, the government, and society. Watch it: I […]

Video: Children Around the World

The following video shows glimpses of children around the world, with a song by Tim Janis, in support of CROP Hunger Walks. The song is sung by school children in Kenya. Poverty & Hunger Facts: 18,000 children die everyday from hunger. Globally, over 1 billion children live in poverty. In the United States, 14 million […]