Alleviating Poverty Makes Us Happy

I wrote a short article on the philosophy forums explaining why I think what is often called ‘selfishness’ is actually compatible with kindness. Check it out: Is Selfishness Compatible with Kindness? I think we can more effectively organize to alleviate poverty if we realize the various ways that kindness and humanitarianism are actually in our […]

Oppression, Capital, and Poverty

Over the last few months on this blog, I have made a few posts about how what I call “neo-slavery” helps cause poverty and about how I believe giving all people equal rights to natural resources can end poverty. In the philosophy forums today, I made a post about how government-managed currency enables a minority […]

Recession and Poverty

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) determines when the United States is in a recession. However, the group usually does not make the determination until 6 to 18 months after we enter a recession. Generally, economists define a recession as two consecutive quarters of economic contraction. Using that definition, a recession would not become […]