I agree with Dick Cheney?

8 December 2015

I am pretty cynical when it comes to all politicians, especially one from either the Democrat or Republican party since both parties are each by billions of dollars in the payroll of Big Oil, just for one example of the bipartisan powers that be. Dick Cheney, a warmongering politician who through conflicts of interest such […]

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Why This Meme is Incorrect

2 December 2015

Why This Meme is Incorrect tl;dr ~ The top-left already exists, has for generations, and is inexorably ongoing for the time-being. We can’t have the bottom because the top-left exists. So the choice we are left with for the time-being is (A) to have just the top-left or (B) to have both the top-left plus […]

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No, this is not some cruel satire in The Onion. This is real folks. A homeless man in his 60s found $2,400. Instead of keeping the much needed money, the man turned it in to local police. He wanted the police to find the rightful owner because this homeless man in his 60s said that […]

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The Beauty in the Misery

26 November 2015

Today many of us meet with loved ones to sit at a table and eat. We binge eat in a sort of unwitting celebration of the largest genocide in history, in a world where currently 18,000 children starve to death every day. In about the time it takes to eat one bite of our dinner, […]

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My Comment As stated in my last post, we are the majority of all “groups”. What do you think? Please leave a comment below to let me know! 😀

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Racism Engenders Violence

24 November 2015

The breaking news is that five Black Lives Matter protesters have been shot in Minneapolis by Neo-Nazis. Source 1, Source 2 I predict this story makes much less headlines than the Refugee issue or what the Kardashians do. Cue ominous quote from Heath Ledger’s Joker about things going according to plan… American citizens kill each […]

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