Back in 1971, John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono let the world imagine a better world, with no need for greed or hunger. Watch the video of their song, Imagine:

Recently, A Perfect Circle has made a downbeat remix:

Unfortunately, I think the downbeat version fits our contemporary world more than Lennon’s original. It’s 2006, and 16,000 children die everyday from hunger while the rest of us roll out the red carpet for World War III. The world had more hope in Lennon’s time, but we lost our way and never brought the dream of the 50s, 60s and 70s to reality.

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I am the author of Achieve Your Dreams. I also published the book Holding Fire: Short Stories of Self-Destruction. I have two kids who I love so much. I just want to be a good role model for them. I hope what I do here makes them proud of me. Please let me know you think about the post by leaving a comment below!

One reply on “Imagine”

  1. I sat here for a good 5 minutes after listening first to John Lennon’s version and then A Perfect Circle’s …..trying to come up with some words to express my feeling of emptiness. It is the pain that comes from missing John Lennon … and knowing what he stood for. While he was a live, he brought hope and joy to millions of people with his music. When he was gunned down, murdered in cold blood … it was like the lights were turned out on all of us.

    A Perfect Circle did a good thing. Although there is this pain that wont go away .. the pain that still feels as terrible as the night I learned John was murdered, bringing his words back in a new version of Imagine has some how given me hope. Maybe Love is not all we need. Maybe we need to give Peace a chance. Maybe we need to Listen and take Action. I think now is the time! Before Dreams are lost forever!

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