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The fight against hunger involves so much. Here at Millions Of Mouths, we want to thank everyone who helps the cause.

The fight against hunger involves, above all, raising awareness and just getting the facts out. For that reason, we have started this blog. We started this blog to bring out the facts, to raise awareness, to provide links to hunger sites and to publish current news and information on the hunger war.

Please help us help the hungry by checking in with our blog and telling your friends about this blog and

To aid us with the hunger struggle, we sell pixel advertisements on the Millions Of Mouths homepage ( Our goal is to raise over fifty thousand dollars for the hungry in less than a year. Help us reach that goal by purchasing pixels from our homepage (, by telling your friends about, and by clicking the pixel grid on our homepage. (Remember, every click on the grid increases the value of the pixel advertising and thus increases the likelihood that we’ll reach or even surpass our goal.)

We have a chance to make a real noticeable difference. So, please, tell your friends about Millions Of Mouths; purchase pixels from our homepage (; and, click the pixel grid as much as possible.

Keep checking back at this blog for information and updates about the war on hunger.

Thank you,

The Millions Of Mouths Team

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