Back Scratching

13 July 2007

Do you have a blog of your own or a website? If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. I can give your blog  great exposure. If you post about this blog and provide a link, then I will list you as a supporter and link back to your blog. Simply post about this blog […]

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The Hunger & Poverty Forums have moved to the following address: Remember, you can join the forums for free, and discuss world hunger, poverty, homelessness, and other serious social issues. Please go to Hunger & Poverty Forums and discuss ways to fight world hunger and poverty.

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Compared with the amount of visitors we get at the Hunger & Poverty Forums, not many people join and talk. It seems people don’t have too much interest in discussing issues such as hunger, poverty and disease. I suppose I can understand, because these topics come across as depressing and very serious, and people generally […]

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Get pixels at for 90% off during the month of March to help fund the fight against world hunger. Millions Of Mouths March Markdown – Through the month of March, you can buy pixels at 10% of the regular price. That’s only 1 cent per pixel! What is Millions Of Mouths? Millions Of Mouths […]

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The Hunger & Poverty Forums are currently having a post contest in which you can win $40. March Post Contest – Win $40 At the Hunger & Poverty Forums we’re having a contest. The poster with the most amount of posts by the end of March wins $40! (Second place gets $20, and third gets […]

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The old ways don’t work. We need to work together and come up with new ways to effectively eliminate hunger and poverty. To that end, please come join the important discussions at the Hunger and Poverty Forums, where we discuss those topics plus other serious social issues such as education and healthcare. You can register, […]

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Children suffering from Poverty