In his song Changes, Tupac Shakur said, “Instead of a war on poverty, they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.” That powerful line has always stuck with me. I believe we, the people of in society, can end poverty whenever we decide to end it. However, we generally rely on […]

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I watched the State of the Union address earlier tonight. First and foremost, Bush talked about his tax cuts and urged Congress not to let his “tax relief” expire. But, as I pointed out in my last post, his unfair tax cuts mean the working class has to pay more in taxes. Basically, changing the […]

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Bob Edgar Stresses Poverty

26 January 2008

I just read an interesting interview with Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause. For the sake of remaining bipartisan, he does not take positions on presidents. But he does make some good points about issues. Internationally, he wants the next U.S. president to focus on ending secret prisons, torture and pre-emptive war. Domestically, he stressed […]

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Earned-Income Tax Credit

5 September 2007

A recent Washington Post editorial addressed Michael Bloomberg and the earned-income tax credit. I include an excerpt: Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he is not running for president. Yet that didn’t stop him from coming to Washington last week to promote an expansion of the earned-income tax credit as the next phase in the war on […]

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Crime & Poverty Editorial

14 August 2007

A recent Black Star Editorial explores the relationship between crime and poverty. I include an excerpt: There is a perfect correlation between crime and poverty. Much has been written about the recent brutal murders of three college students and the wounding of one other in Newark, New Jersey, by a gunman or gunmen. While some […]

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Let’s not waste our time with an any more of a verbose introduction than this sentence. As of 2004, 41.6 million United States people below the age of 65 do not have health insurance. As of 2004, 9.2% of United States children do not have health insurance. As a result of those appalling statistics, many […]

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