Update: My new favorite post is When I’m Holding My Daughter. Check it out! My daughter just turned 3 last month. I swear she’s just the cutest thing ever. Pretty much every morning she comes in—apparently after patiently waiting for the sun to just barely start rising—and… Read more… Back in 2008, I made a […]

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The Problem It’s very easy to confuse philanthropy with ‘giving away stuff you don’t want.’ This is so much the case that it’s become something of a comedy staple. There’s an early South Park episode called ‘Starvin’ Marvin’ where the boys have to donate to a pledge drive for starving children in Africa, the whole […]

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You have already had the brilliant idea and formed the nonprofit organization within your state to address the need in your community. Your organization meets all of the state requirements for a nonprofit organization, but you have discovered your efforts at fundraising are hampered by the fact that you do not have federal recognition of […]

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I have already made many posts about taxes on this blog. The most stunning point to me in those posts is that the rich pay less taxes than the working class in terms of percentage of income–at least in the USA. I didn’t want to make yet another post about taxes on a blog that […]

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My good friend sent me the following quote from an article in his local paper: A family of four in England tips the scales at a combined 1,100 pounds. They can’t–don’t want to?–work, so they live off taxpayers, collecting the equivalent to take-home pay of $42,000, on top of the “free” universal health care for […]

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According to recent IRS data, from 2000 to 2006 the income of the 400 richest Americans doubled, but their tax rate fell by a third to only 17.2 percent. The drop in the tax rate for the richest Americans is due mainly to ex-President Bush’s push to lower the capital gains tax to 15 percent […]

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