For those of you not already familiar with the Free Hugs Campaign, I recommend you watch the following YouTube video. I bet it will make you smile: I love it! It is entertaining and pleasantly funny to watch this random long-haired guy walk around with a sign offering free hugs. More seriously, I feel even […]

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To most people, it seems that the mainstream evangelical movement has mostly focused only on opposing abortion and gay marriage. But I happily read an article about a group of evangelicals trying to prioritize a broader range of issues including poverty. They also intend to address other social problems such as healthcare, global warming, and […]

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Over the last few months on this blog, I have made a few posts about how what I call “neo-slavery” helps cause poverty and about how I believe giving all people equal rights to natural resources can end poverty. In the philosophy forums today, I made a post about how government-managed currency enables a minority […]

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The people of the world would benefit in many ways by reducing or eliminating global poverty and by increasing education levels. I believe less poverty and more education would reduce violent crime and other forms of criminal victimization. Poor and uneducated people tend to turn to crime and anti-social behavior more often. The same happens […]

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On my Philosophy Forums we have a topic discussing what would be the most ethical way to prevent overpopulation if inaction meant overpopulation was inevitable. I explained why I think we can prevent overpopulation by doing what we would want to do anyway–end world hunger, poverty, and socioeconomic inequality. I will re-post what I wrote […]

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Yesterday, I posted the full text of Obama’s speech on race in the forums, and I posted my comments on the speech in a blog post. Today, I found the full video of the speech on YouTube. If you have not already, I beg you to read or watch the whole speech: I love that […]

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