Why This Meme is Incorrect

2 December 2015

Why This Meme is Incorrect tl;dr ~ The top-left already exists, has for generations, and is inexorably ongoing for the time-being. We can’t have the bottom because the top-left exists. So the choice we are left with for the time-being is (A) to have just the top-left or (B) to have both the top-left plus […]

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No, this is not some cruel satire in The Onion. This is real folks. A homeless man in his 60s found $2,400. Instead of keeping the much needed money, the man turned it in to local police. He wanted the police to find the rightful owner because this homeless man in his 60s said that […]

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Feats of Imagination

27 November 2015

Guest post by Ted Kelsey, author of OLGA I haven’t been back for a year. Yes, a year. I volunteered distributing food, and it was exactly a year ago at Thanksgiving when I handed out my last turkey. I stopped for reasons outside of my control. My wife started working on the weekends. I needed […]

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Guest post by Nicholas Brookland, author of No Rest for the Weary If a certain individual has exhausted all possible means of obtaining food (this could also apply to medical equipment, shoes, tools etc) and is in desperate need of food, without which they will die, is it okay to steal the food to survive? […]

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Guest post by Carol Jackson, author of Julie & Kishore I clutch my mum tighter but she does not hold me back. The noise of a fire crackling close by is scary and the smell of smoke fills my nostrils. Cowering, I bury my nose into her hair. I can still hear loud bangs in […]

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Confessions of a consumer

27 November 2015

Guest post by Kay Bilsby, author of Soul Dreamer I love eating and shopping, they are two of my favourite things. I like nothing better than enjoying a well cooked meal in a good restaurant − or searching for that perfect pair of shoes to go with outfit currently residing in the bag I am […]

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