Infographic: Suburban Poverty

The following interesting infographic about the rise in suburban poverty was sent to me by Jenn at Best MSW Programs: What do you think? Citations:–wealth-has-vanished-172130204.html

Are you investing in assets or looks?

In a recent article on, Alfred Edmond, Jr. wrote about how people hurt themselves financially just to give the appearance of wealth. Though the magazine addresses Black financial issues specifically, I think the advice in that article applies to all people who may struggle financially. He shows how people ring up their credit cards […]

40% Poverty Rate in the United States?

The following quote demonstrates a major way in which official poverty statistics understate the poverty epidemic: “While in any given year 12 to 15 percent of the population is poor, over a ten-year period 40 percent experience poverty in at least one year because most poor people cycle in and out of poverty; they don’t […]

Poverty Shifts to the U.S. Suburbs

Peg Tyre and Matthew Philips report on the growing problem of suburban poverty: Once prized as a leafy haven from the social ills of urban life, the suburbs are now grappling with a new outbreak of an old problem: poverty. Currently, 38 million Americans live below the poverty line, which the federal government defines as […]