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In a world obsessed by paranoia and conspiracy theories, I find myself wondering about everything happening around me.

From pictures captured on Mars to strange alien mega structure and passing by multiple UFO sights…
The more I read the more I wonder, nothing make sense and what was logical yesterday is proven wrong today.

Facts are very little; we breath, we eat we live and we die.
Even that might be fake and we might be puppets in the hands of a greater power, some call it god others call it mother nature, universe or multiverse.

Theories such as:

The big bang, evolution, holographic universe, parallel universe, clockwork universe and chaos theories…

What is real? even reality is a theory and unproven as well.

This how I got myself into conflicts, then I tried to separate between the reality and the illusions of a small event.

Small is a description it was a huge event for me but that’s so relative, similar to human’s view of their tiny civilization and size in the universe.

My essay to decode the conspiracies goes on, and my struggle to know how real I am will keep me busy for a while… till everything thing ends.


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  1. Nassim, your discussion is one we all have to deal with. The unusual and strange things that appear to transpire in the world and others speak of. There is one thing which will assist each of us in our personal discovery of what is real and what is an illusion. That one thing is personal experience. If I were to say that the universe itself will gradually educate you on these topics you mentioned, you would say that I am crazy. Yet there is something very busy in all our realities which can plug the individual into the experiences that guide them through extra-ordinary experiences to begin to understand what is taking place in our reality. One thing I have noticed is that this thing that is active, it can be blocked by our very own voice as we argue with it as it attempts to bring those experiences that we are capable of surviving without self-destructing. If we argue with it as if we already know the answers, then it will step back. Kind of like saying, “If you argue with the real teacher, it will stop trying to teach you.” Most people argue with this teacher concerning religion or what the real world should be. Preferring their own devised opinion over what a higher mind from beyond time-space might attempt to share. The point I wish to make is to allow…allow being a key concept, without presenting our own thinking…but allow ourselves to experience that which is of extra-ordinary origins. I can only say that, I am aware, because I have experienced…so do I wish for you to experience…words are the limiting exchange between us…I cannot share my experiences with words so you must experience for yourself to know…not to say you haven’t already……

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