We truly are all distant cousins

Guest post by John Fahey, author of Survival

Genome studies have established that although the homo sapiens lineage began about 200,00 years ago our ancestors were reduced to about 10,000 men, women and children about 70,000 years ago because of a long period of parched land or the explosion of a super volcano. Experts debate about this human bottleneck. The survivors are our ancestors. Beginning about 45,000 years ago cultural artifacts began to appear and our ancestors set out from Africa to populate the world, diversifying and evolving into the peoples of the world within the DNA genome common to us all. We truly are all distant cousins. It is well to keep that in the forefront of our minds. Over one billion people on this planet suffer appalling privation, lacking fresh water, medical care, sanitation, and hope, living lives of dimished expectations. It is my hope that with the advent of modern technology young people with idealism will set out around the world and bring help to our distant cousins.


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  1. I watched a special on PBS about this. As the first peoples migrated from Africa they mingled with others that had developed later in lands to the east. Most of us are descended from the result of that mixture but there are still some undiluted peoples in Africa that never mingled with those.

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