Gamer Philanthropy for the Future

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by James Marchese

Philanthropy is a necessity to what is better known as charity. With the internet being such a powerful utility presently, it is important to promote donating to causes that want to make the future of Earth better for all. People often forget the need of philanthropy in every day life, the true philanthropists are the ones starting charitable organizations, donating to them, or helping promote them.

There are many known philanthropists in the gaming industry, some more so than others. Read more to find out some of the less known charitable people in the world of online gaming. It is easy to hear about the big names like Bill Gates of Microsoft, but there are many more that are worth knowing.


One example of philanthropy in the gaming industry is, a website that dedicates money to the Save the Children fund. On this website, you earn points by donating money for charity. With those points, you can then in turn purchase games on the website. The site also allows you to start your own charity and ask for donations to earn points. This website offers gamers a chance to help the world by donating money plus the added perk of purchasing the games they enjoy.


The developers of popular games like Farmville and Mafia Wars, Zynga is a major contributor to charities and nonprofit organizations. After Japan’s last major earthquake Zynga began selling virtual products at low prices to donate to Save the Children Earthquake Emergency fund. Within two weeks, this developer raised and contributed over 2.5 million dollars.


Nonprofit ogranization OneBigGame publishes games for well known web game developers. Revenues made from these titles are then in turn donated to OneBigGame’s connected charity and nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping the future of the world. One of its published games, Chime, raised more than 100,000 dollars mostly by donation which was then given to the Save the Children’s Fund.

Child’s Play

There are also organizations of developers and gamers who have come together to make charities. Child’s Play is a world organization of over 100,000 gamers that are dedicated to doing long term philanthropic work. This charity provides games, toys, books, and money to sick children in several countries across the world including Australia, Europe, Egypt, and North America.

Remember the importance of philanthropy as the world moves into the future. Losing this innate want to give will lead to a more rapid deterioration of society. It is time now to recognize the gaming companies that are working towards the betterment of the world. As gaming websites such as serving as the meeting place of gamers become more popular, it is important to realize their major role in reaching broad demographics of people. There has never been an easier way to reach people than what you would know now as the click of a button, literally.

About the Author

James Marchese is an active participant in charity work. He donates his time to the Norwalk Seaport Aasociation in Connecticut. Also an avid gamer, James spent much of his childhood playing console games and now has moved into the online world of gaming.

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