How to Choose an African Charity to Support

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There are thousands of charities working in Africa to support the people who live there – this is undoubtedly a great thing but it does mean that if you want to get involved and support an African charity, it can be difficult to know exactly which one to choose. If you’re currently struggling to decide where to put your support, read on to find out about some of the key issues you should consider.

It goes without saying that Africa is a huge continent with a diverse range of needs. There are significant differences between African countries and they all face their own specific challenges. This means you might like to give some thought to the location of your chosen charity when deciding who to support – some charities working in Africa work in many different countries on a wide range of issues. However, some are focused on one specific country working on issues that are relevant to that area, so this is something you might like to think about.

The focus of the charity you are planning to support is also another key consideration. There are charities covering every issue imaginable in Africa, so no matter what you are most interested in, you are sure to find something to suit your interests. For example, many people like to focus on children’s charities working in Africa to help lift children out of poverty, provide them with vital healthcare or give them a decent education. Others might prefer to focus their support on people who have been affected by civil war or who have been affected by a disease such as Aids.

Type of support
It is also worth thinking about the type of support you would like to offer your chosen charity. Many charities working in Africa require extra funding to carry on with their current projects or to fund new projects – donating money to a charity is a straightforward process and this is the form of support most people choose to give. However, you could choose another kind of Africa Charity, such as child sponsorship, charity gifts to those who need them most or even funding a microloan.

Some African charities are always on the lookout for volunteers who are willing to go and work in an African country for a time, particularly if they have specific skills or work in the healthcare industry. If you’re thinking of offering more hands-on support, this could be something to look out for.

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