Haiti had an earthquake…

Guest post by Betty Adams, author of Dying Embers

Haiti had an earthquake…

Facebook lit up with pictures of the terrible conditions. The Red Cross rolled up its sleeves and did what it does. The world reached out in compassion to a poverty stricken country that had taken a blow that could cripple far more powerful nations. From one small, wet corner of North America a handful of doctors, nurses, and midwives came and offered their services to the mammas and babies of Haiti. They learned very quickly to say one sentence. MWEN REGRÉT SA (I’m sorry your baby died.) Hunger and nonexistent sanitation meant that even a mild childhood disease could be deadly for both mother and child.

The ten day sensation faded. Facebook moved on, and though the Red Cross still plugged doggedly away, the world forgot. The small group of healers from the Pacific Northwest would soon have to return home but they could not abandon the women and children they had come to serve. So they joined with the midwives of Haiti and formed Mamma Baby Haiti

Their goal is simple. They never want to say Mwen Regret Sa again.

Mamma Baby Haiti has been offering free pre and neo-natal services to the women and children of Haiti for half a decade now. They offer education on nutrition and formula among a host of other work. They are donation funded and volunteer staffed.

For anyone looking for a reliable charity this one is golden. The website states that:

In 2014, our Haitian midwives attended, 5,789 prenatal appointments, 452 births, 1272 postpartum visits, and 83 family planning appointments; 2015 is proving to be just as busy of a year!

Be a part of this year and the year to come! http://www.mamababyhaiti.org/


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  1. Ah yes, a very well written article. Thank you. I am aware of the said organization and have donated many a time through a local family healing center in the north-western hometown of Mcminnville OR. Good to see a care provider I know and trust around.

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