Imagine No Poverty

4 March 2008

Over year ago, I posted the music video for the song Imagine by John Lennon. I love that song! It has inspired me to ask you to imagine some things today.

Imagine a world without overstocked grocery shelves or hungry children.

Imagine a world without war or religious violence.

Imagine a world without racism or nationalism.

Imagine a world without murder or rape.

Imagine a world in which nobody dominated anyone else. Imagine if all people in the world had freedom and political equality.

Imagine a world in which everyone had an equal right to the natural resources. Imagine if nobody had to slave away for other people who had monopolized the natural resources.

Imagine a world where everyone received healthcare. Imagine a world where every child received a complete, high-quality education.

Imagine a world without poverty!

Can you imagine that? Tell us what you imagine and what you want us to imagine in this thread at the World Hunger and Poverty Forums.

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Children suffering from Poverty