Child Abuse Can Lead To Poverty

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New studies show that child abuse can lead to poverty. Victims of child abuse have an increased chance of ending up in poverty than children from non-abusive homes.

“You can come from a family that has money but if they don’t treat you well, you can end up in a lot of trouble,” said Senior Research Fellow Dr. John Frederick.

Of course, many factors in people’s lives put them at more risk of poverty. Many aspects of our society unfairly hold some people down, which in turn can make them poor. Especially when denied equal opportunity at childhood, the average person cannot catch up.

We can try to fight some of the preventable factors that hold a child back, such as being abused or being born poor. However, we can only end poverty by finding a way to provide everyone with sufficient opportunity to succeed, instead of just leaving that opportunity to those people lucky enough to not face too many obstacles such as child abuse, illness, or a poor childhood.

In my opinion, we can best provide that universal opportunity by providing universal education, which we can do in the form of student loans. The education must include food, clothes, shelter and healthcare. A person cannot get a sufficient education while hungry, homeless or sick. The education must also include job-training and job-placement services. With a high-quality education including all those services, people can get a job (or start their own business) that will pay them enough to support themselves and pay off their student loans.

Remember, to truly escape poverty, a person needs to earn enough to not only pay for their current needs, but also to pay for their student loans (which include all the costs-of-living while getting educated), to pay for their retirement, and to pay for unemployment insurance. Some nations and states may have socialized some of those needs, which means a person may not need to pay for them in such places. For example, unemployment insurance is at least partially covered by most governments.

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