Major Media Ignores Poverty

Jul 27, 2007

I think we all realize that the major media ignores serious social issues such as poverty. Major media prefers to report about trivial aspects of Paris Hilton’s life than to report about poverty. They rarely even mention simple statistics, such as the fact that 18,000 children die every day from hunger.

I see two major reasons for the major media’s underreporting of poverty.

Firstly, only a few major corporations own all the major media outlets. In other words, extremely rich people control the media, and rich people do not want social change. They want society like this because this society makes them rich. Thus, they do not report about serious social issues such as poverty. Instead, they report the type of drivel that will keep the masses pacified. Instead of reporting about day-to-day social problems, they report incidental events.

However, major media works off of ratings. The report what people watch. Most viewers seem to prefer to lazily watch the inconsequential stories such as those about celebrities, rather than focus on serious social issues that require progressive action.

We can make the media report on serious social issues by turning off the stories about Paris Hilton and turning on the stories about starving children. We can boycott stations that do not report about the important facts and issues which hurt the masses daily.

To strengthen my point, I want statistics. If you have any, post them in the following thread: Statistics Regarding Media Coverage


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Children suffering from Poverty