Elizabeth Schulte writes about people being killed in a world of plenty: EVERY MINUTE of every day, 13 children die around the world of hunger and malnutrition. Thatís the finding of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). Its latest report shows that 18,000 children die each day–or 750 each hour–of malnutrition and its related […]

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Poverty’s True Face

27 February 2007

Jesse Jackson recently wrote an article in which he says America has a poor excuse for poverty. He writes: We glimpsed misery in America during Katrina, as the poor were stranded in the storm. But those shocking pictures were misleading. America has a growing poverty problem, but it doesn’t look like New Orleans. Most poor […]

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The Hunger & Poverty Forums are currently having a post contest in which you can win $40. March Post Contest – Win $40 At the Hunger & Poverty Forums we’re having a contest. The poster with the most amount of posts by the end of March wins $40! (Second place gets $20, and third gets […]

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A recent America Magazine editorial addresses homelessness: While most people think of homelessness in terms of single men, roughly a third of the homeless population is made up of families, many of them headed by single parents. Families represent an especially vulnerable segment of the homeless population because of the presence of children. Advocates for […]

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Hindu.com reports on the new UN anthem for the fight against poverty: Poverty has no caste or gender, but it now has a voice in the form of music virtuoso A R Rahman, whose English single “Pray For Me Brother” will be the UN’s anthem for its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) campaign. The MDGs comprise […]

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Malungelo Booi reports that students in South African schools commit suicide due to hunger: HUNGER and desperation are driving pupils at a school near Mthatha to commit suicide, according to the principal. More than a quarter of the pupils at Upper Corana High School, in Misty Mount near Mthatha, may be HIV/Aids orphans, and the […]

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