Radical Change

27 October 2006

In a recent article that I wrote I point out the serious and major problems facing our society and that we need radical change, both politically and socially. I then briefly run through the method to make that change. The called the article, Radical Change. Here’s a few relevant excerpts:

In the United States alone, 14 million children live in food insecure households. Globally, estimates say that 12 to 27 million people are in forced labor or slavery in the world today; most are female sex workers. Globally, 16,000 children die every day from hunger. Serious – and avoidable – social problems overrun the world.


We need to use our organized power to non-governmentally solve the problems that face us, which includes not only those inflicted directly by the oppressive status quo, but also any other problems ignored by the oppressive status quo and ignored by our negligent self-interested leaders. Thus we can use our power to solve the problems facing our particular communities, including such problems as poverty, hunger, rape, murder, assault, and illiteracy. Mainly, we need to create non-governmental alternatives to the pseudo-solutions and destructive services offered by the government and mega-corporations. For example, we have the power to create our own small, private, and non-governmental schools. We have the power to setup our own neighborhood watches to protect innocent people from victimization, including police brutality and misconduct. We can setup our own trade networks to actually provide the services that our communities actually need, including defense, education, babysitting, legal services, healthcare, and financial services. By organizing directly and avoiding paper money, we eliminate many opportunities for tyrants to steal our wealth.

We have the wealth and power. We just need to recognize that, and act accordingly. We need to work in a way to retain the wealth and power in our own communities, and we need to use that wealth and power to solve the problems of our own communities.

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Children suffering from Poverty