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This site was created by Scott Hughes (me!) and is based on the idea that it is totally unacceptable that any person go hungry or be deprived basic necessities, especially when there is more than enough food to feed everyone and more than enough resources to provide clothes, clean water, shelter, education and healthcare to everyone.

I want this blog to act not only as a call to action but as a place to share information and openly exchange ideas about these incredibly important issues. This isn't about calling for charity for the few. The fundamental problems leading to children starving actually effect all of us. We are #InItTogether.

I know it's a touch topic to face. But please please please read the posts on this site and share your own thoughts as comments and guest posts. Your comments on the posts give me the motivation to keep going with this project. I cannot do it if I think I'm pouring my heart out to an empty room. So thank you in advance for supporting me by reading and commenting on the posts!

Immediately below on this page you will find the most recent blog posts. However, if this is your first time here, I suggest you check our Favorite Posts.

Haiti had an earthquake…

25 November 2015

Guest post by Betty Adams, author of Dying Embers Haiti had an earthquake… Facebook lit up with pictures of the terrible conditions. The Red Cross rolled up its sleeves and did what it does. The world reached out in compassion to a poverty stricken country that had taken a blow that could cripple far more […]

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Guest post by Kesia Alexandra, author of It Ain’t Easy I have never questioned whether or not poor people deserve to have nice things. Growing up poor and still working my way out of poverty now, I know that having money doesn’t make someone more human and not having money doesn’t make anyone any less […]

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Guest post by Khali Raymond, author of The Ballad of Sidney Hill 2 Newark, New Jersey. The largest city in New Jersey, with a population about 277,140 people. Only eight miles from Manhattan, it’s a city of culture and diversity. A quote from Becca Fitzpatrick says "Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things […]

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Guest post by Sam Waas, author of Blood Storm As I find myself growing older, many friends gone, family grown and dispersed or gone, I reflect on how I can best share what I’ve learned and gained, how I may still provide to others. Part of this is an evolution of my personal self, a […]

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Guest post by Guy Lozier, author of The Eternal: Guardian of Light My philosophy says that the Intrinsic Goodness will manifest in our reality over time. It even goes on to say that it is inevitable. When I say my philosophy, I mean my very own philosophy. My understanding of reality. Many would say that […]

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My Comment As stated in my last post, we are the majority of all “groups”. What do you think? Please leave a comment below to let me know! 😀

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