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This site was created by Scott Hughes (me!) and is based on the idea that it is totally unacceptable that any person go hungry or be deprived basic necessities, especially when there is more than enough food to feed everyone and more than enough resources to provide clothes, clean water, shelter, education and healthcare to everyone.

I want this blog to act not only as a call to action but as a place to share information and openly exchange ideas about these incredibly important issues. This isn't about calling for charity for the few. The fundamental problems leading to children starving actually effect all of us. We are #InItTogether.

I know it's a touch topic to face. But please please please read the posts on this site and share your own thoughts as comments and guest posts. Your comments on the posts give me the motivation to keep going with this project. I cannot do it if I think I'm pouring my heart out to an empty room. So thank you in advance for supporting me by reading and commenting on the posts!

Immediately below on this page you will find the most recent blog posts. However, if this is your first time here, I suggest you check our Favorite Posts.

In a previous post, “Guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty…”, it was revealed that most people in jail have not been convicted but are guilty only of being too poor to afford bail, with most of their unproven charges being for nonviolent offenses anyway. Further investigation reveals that these nonviolent people being […]

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Is this offensive?

27 February 2016

I believe I fully support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. (Cue Macklemore’s song “White Privilege” to explain why I don’t want to pat myself on the back too vigorously here.) I agree that those who try to switch it with or even criticize it with “#AllLivesMatter” are being very offensive in the same way–to paraphrase Arthur Chu–it […]

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An article in the New York Review of Books points out that more than 95% of inmates in the USA do not get a trial. That is because of the widespread use of plea bargins. Even that percentage under addresses the state of affairs because it deals with how cases are ultimately resoled. As a […]

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Rex Iverson died in the Box Elder County Jail Saturday after being arrested on a $350 Tremonton Justice Court bench warrant for failing to pay a $2,377 judgment on a 2013 Tremonton City Ambulance bill. Iverson could not afford bail let alone the $2,376.92 bill to the Tremonton City Ambulance service. There was an attempt […]

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What do you think? Similarly, Billionaire Warren Buffet has been pointing out repeatedly for years that he pays less in taxes as a percentage of income than his secretary.(1) Do you think the rich should pay less taxes as a percentage of income than working families? Please leave a reply letting me know what you […]

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How to Protect the Two Party System Step 1 ~ Run as an anti-establishment candidate in a meaningless primary against a shoe-in establishment candidate in a broken two party system. Step 2 ~ Rally anti-establishment voters, especially the young and not yet jaded. (Not jaded but still anti-establishment? Yup.) Step 3 ~ Endorse establishment candidate. […]

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