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18,000 children die from hunger every day!   Join us in the fight against world hunger, poverty, and homelessness!
by Scott Hughes - Website about Global Poverty and Hunger

Instead of just throwing money at the problem, we need to eliminate the fundamental causes of poverty. We need to adjust society so that every able person has the ability to obtain quality education/training and sufficient employment that pays enough to cover the costs of food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, student loans, retirement, and all other needs, including caring for those who depend on them.

We base our philosophy on the belief that every sane person would rather get quality education and sufficient employment than suffer from poverty, hunger, or homelessness. Thus, those who don't, can't. And we as a global society need to change that. We also base our philosophy on the belief that almost every sane person would rather live in a world without poverty than leave the world in its current condition.

We adamantly oppose leaving any human in poverty, and want help provided those who cannot help themselves, whether because of sociopolitical causes leading to lack of education, training, proper healthcare or opportunity, or because of disability including age. Human beings starving to death is utterly unacceptable, especially in a world that already has more than enough food to feed everyone and more than enough resources to also provide clothing, shelter, clean water, quality education and healthcare to all.

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