by Scott Hughes In respect to hunger & poverty in America, the U.S. people believe in a myth. The real myth is NOT that hunger and poverty don’t exist within America. Albeit, the prevalence of poverty hunger in America is largely downplayed and ignored by the collective American opinion. Regardless, no one can deny the […]

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Hunger in the U.S.

24 July 2006

The latest U.S. federal data indicate that: In 2004, 13.5 million households (or 11.9% of all U.S. households) were food insecure. Over 38 million people (13.2% of all Americans) lived in these households. During the 12 months preceding the 2004 survey, 4.4 million households experienced hunger. Over 10.7 million adults and children lived in these […]

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by SADC has called on donor governments worldwide to respond quickly and generously with food aid donations in kind or cash to avoid widespread hunger from developing into a humanitarian disaster. More than 10 million people will need humanitarian assistance in six countries across Southern Africa over the coming year following yet another year […]

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Ten children die every minute as a result of malnutrition, more than a quarter of children in developing countries are underweight and suffer disease because of their poor diet, and in some areas almost half of all under-fives are malnourished, a new United Nations report says. Unicef warns that the slow progress on reducing nutritional […]

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From: US Hunger & Poverty Facts From 1967 to 2003, average household income (adjusted dollars) grew from $7.589 to 9,996 for those in the bottom 20%, and grew from $83,758 to $147,078 for those in the top 20%.1 In 2003, California had a poverty rate of 13.4%, compared to 9% in Virginia, 19.9% in […]

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In the late 1800’s, Jacob Riis, a Danish immigrant in the United States, set out to document New York City’s teeming tenements on the Lower East Side. His finished product, How the Other Half Lives, was an immediate success and is now recognized as a canonical work of American sociology. By calling attention to the […]

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