This is my everything. I don’t believe in any gods; I don’t believe in morals or justice or souls or heaven or superstition; I don’t believe in nobility or democracy or the value of manmade laws. But I believe in them. Everything I do, I do for them. Every pushup. Every joke to a customer […]

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25 April 2014

The basic idea of charity entails sacrifice. More specifically, it is the opposite of selfish. It is sacrificing some of one’s own interests for someone else’s benefit. We humans also sacrifice in non-charitable ways too. When we workout at the gym and diet, for example, we sacrifice some of our short-term interests like enjoying the […]

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Unhappy and Unsatisfied

17 October 2013

It’s been a long time since I posted regularly on this website. So I want to come back to it by telling you a little bit about how I feel… I am sad, and I don’t deserve to be so sad. I am lonely and scared, and I don’t deserve to be so lonely and […]

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Most of us know that numerous commendable charities exist that work to save the lives of starving children who they can feed for pennies a day. Other organizations, especially those addressing poverty in less utterly destitute places, focus more on investing in long-term solutions like changing society, turning around economies and uplifting entire communities. The […]

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Children suffering from Poverty