Education Beats Poverty

I just read a great commentary by Oliver “Buzz” Thomas in which he refers to education as a path out of poverty.

Basically, Thomas explains that we cannot use old methods to fight poverty in the new world. For example, basic charity and job-training does not work as effectively as it did a thousand years ago. In today’s world, people need education because people get paid based on what they know.

As evidence that we can win the war on poverty, Thomas gave examples of some poor elementary schools that overcame the usual achievement gap, going from failing to ranking in the top 10 percent.

Of course, as I have said in other posts, education starts at home before a kid even enters kindergarten. Additionally, many adults need education.

Education empowers people. It enables them to support themselves and their families. It gets them out of poverty and makes them independent. With education, people do not need charity.

If we provide everybody with enough quality education, I firmly believe we will end poverty.

Published by Scott Hughes

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