Stephen Funk recently blogged about the cost of war regarding not only financial expenses and body counts, but also the loss of humanity. He even quotes the common adage: “In war there are no winners, only losers.” He expresses the trouble many veterans face after the trauma of war, including homelessness. I include an excerpt: […]

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Eating on $3 a Day

30 May 2007

Randolph T. Holhut recently wrote an article about the shame of the federal food stamp program in the United States: The federal food stamp program has never been known as being particularly generous, but the combination of budget cuts and inflation has made it even less so. For all the talk you hear from economists […]

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The following quote demonstrates a major way in which official poverty statistics understate the poverty epidemic: “While in any given year 12 to 15 percent of the population is poor, over a ten-year period 40 percent experience poverty in at least one year because most poor people cycle in and out of poverty; they don’t […]

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 | Posted by | Categories: Suburban Poverty | recently reported that parents’ educational values differ depending on the financial poverty of the school: When it comes to teachers, what do parents value most — high student test scores or the ability to keep students satisfied? The answer depends in part on what kind of school you go to, according to a new […]

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Gas Prices & Poverty

23 May 2007

by Scott Hughes 37 million people in the USA already live in poverty. This number has been steadily increasing throughout the Bush Administration. Imagine what may happen as gas prices continue to rise! Most people in the USA live in debt, and accordingly most families know the meaning of the word struggle. Working class families […]

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 | Posted by | Categories: Politics and Commentary | recently reported that Muhammad Yunus wants to use his micro-credit system to help more countries: Bangladeshi Nobel peace laureate Muhammad Yunus has said he is hoping to export his micro-credit system to more African countries. “There is a lot of interest from African leaders to whom I have been talking. The question is how […]

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Children suffering from Poverty