recently reported that many families with disabled children live in poverty. I include an excerpt: Almost all families with disabled children are suffering from financial difficulties, according to a report published today. Many struggle with the extra costs of raising disabled children, which is calculated to be three times higher than other children, and […]

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Crime & Poverty Editorial

14 August 2007

A recent Black Star Editorial explores the relationship between crime and poverty. I include an excerpt: There is a perfect correlation between crime and poverty. Much has been written about the recent brutal murders of three college students and the wounding of one other in Newark, New Jersey, by a gunman or gunmen. While some […]

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Mankind Made Poverty

10 August 2007

Theary Seng runs the Center for Social Development in Cambodia, a non-governmental organization that monitors 7 courts, advocates good governance and accountability, and conducts grassroots dialogue with villagers all over Cambodia on Justice & Reconciliation. At one point during a recent speech to a crowd of 80,000, he made the following statements: I stand united […]

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Barb Kucera recently wrote an article, in which she points out that the higher minimum wage won’t eliminate working poor. I include an excerpt: On July 24, the federal minimum wage rose from $5.15 to $5.85 an hour, with subsequent increases to $6.55 in 2008 and $7.25 in 2009. Minimum wage workers in Minnesota and […]

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Double The Poverty Line

8 August 2007

I would estimate that the average person only can work half their life. Most people cannot enter the work force before 20, and then they have to retire around 60 years of age. To get better training and more qualifications, many people stay in school well past 20. Additionally, many people have to retire early […]

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Amy Reinink recently reported about, no kidding, using soccer to solve homelessness. I include an excerpt: The teams are built upon the premise that physical activity can help alcoholics and other substance-abusers stay sober, and that the structure of team practices and the accomplishment of working toward a goal can give a life new shape […]

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