I found out about a neat website today. FreeRice.com lets you improve your vocabulary and fight world hunger at the same time. The service is both fun and free. On the website, you try to choose the correct definition for a word. For each word you get correctly, they donate 10 grains of rice to […]

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I just read a disheartening article about Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke’s bleak outlook on the American economy. I include an excerpt: On Thursday, one day after American stock markets plummeted in the face of mounting bank losses, soaring oil prices and record lows for the US dollar, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke […]

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I want to make sure that you all know that this blog has an RSS feed. Here is the URL of this blog’s RSS feed: http://millionsofmouths.com/blog/nfblog/wp-rss2.php If you do not know what an RSS feed is, let me tell you. It is a form of internet syndication. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds, and then […]

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New studies show that child abuse can lead to poverty. Victims of child abuse have an increased chance of ending up in poverty than children from non-abusive homes. “You can come from a family that has money but if they don’t treat you well, you can end up in a lot of trouble,” said Senior […]

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A recent AFP article reports that Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus criticized the World Bank for its failure to cut poverty. On Sunday, Yunus told Bank President Robert Zoellick that the bank’s failure to modernize anti-poverty lending programs has made its work ineffective. Additionally, Yunus says that the bank needs to include input from […]

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Brenda’s Got A Baby

30 October 2007

The following video shows Tupac Shakur performing his song Brenda’s Got A Baby, which tells the story of a 12-year-old girl from the ghetto who has a baby that she cannot support. The song addresses teen pregnancy and the lack of support for impoverished teens from their families, the government, and society. Watch it: I […]

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