Poverty, homelessness, and starvation are rampant in the world. This is nothing new and should never be taken lightly. Roughly, 795 million people in the world are chronically malnourished. That’s a startling number. But just how many people are starving or going without adequate food in America? One in six. For being the tenth wealthiest […]

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A Snapshot of My Life

28 December 2015

Take a snapshot of my life a little over a year ago. I was working three jobs. On top of those three jobs, I was saving myself and thus my kids thousands of dollars a month by also representing myself pro se in divorce court, basically a forth job as my own lawyer in my […]

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Check out this image by Andy Singer: What do you think? Please leave a comment below. What I Think A small fraction of what even just the USA–just one country–spends on military could provide food, clothes, shelter, quality education and healthcare for all. This has so much to do with 18,000 children dying each day–each […]

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Would you support an initiative to bomb Agrabah? Spending billions of dollars waging a military attack on Agrabah would mean billions of dollars in revenue for Washington insiders like Halliburton. Would you support it? There’s just one problem. Agrabah doesn’t exist. It’s the fictional city in the movie Aladdin. Yet, a clever poll by Public […]

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Guest post by Sandip Goswami, author of Epic of Time The word ‘bread’ is used here in the general sense of material food, the food we eat. Next to air and water, it is the most important thing for life. A person may live without it for some time; but after that he will surely […]

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Here is an interesting question from The Fifth Column: Since the September 11th attacks, there have been a few Islamist terrorist attacks inside the United States. In total they killed 38 people over 14 years. More veterans will kill themselves today and tomorrow than US citizens were killed in 14 years by Islamist terrorist organizations […]

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