Local Volunteer Groups

I believe that only local groups can end hunger and poverty. Only local groups have the direct relationship with a unique community to figure out how to effectively combat its particular brand of these problems. A multinational, faceless organization lacks the localized know-how to beat poverty. To end poverty globally, we need to use a vast network of small, local groups.

I want to help local activists organize anti-poverty groups in their community. On this page I will organize an updated list of local volunteer groups. This will help organizers develop their local group. It will also help activists find a local group to join.

Please consider organizing a group in your local area. It does not take much. For example, you could simply get a small group of people together to volunteer once every week or two. If you want more information about organizing a local group or if you have any questions about it, please contact me on Twitter @scottmhughes. We can help each other, and share ideas, tips, and information.

If you already have started organizing a local volunteer group, again please let me know via Twitter @scottmhughes. Thanks!

It will take a little while to increase the size of the list. If you have a local volunteer group, please send us the information for it.