A study from the British Medical Journal found that income inequality leads to 883,914 unnecessary deaths in the United States each year.

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Poverty Infographic

21 March 2014

Someone sent me this informative infographic earlier: What do you think?

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A recent Huffington Post article reports that Low-Wage Workers Are Robbed More Than Banks, Gas Stations And Convenience Stores Combined. Studies reveal that most employees have some of their pay illegally withheld. Three times more money is lost due to wage theft than gas-station and convenience-store robberies. About a couple hundred million dollars of wage […]

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Unhappy and Unsatisfied

17 October 2013

It’s been a long time since I posted regularly on this website. So I want to come back to it by telling you a little bit about how I feel… I am sad, and I don’t deserve to be so sad. I am lonely and scared, and I don’t deserve to be so lonely and […]

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Sandy Hook Elementary

9 January 2013

I think we often see the best of humanity in the face of the worst. Even within the terror and brutality of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, we find the sadly beautiful heroism such as that of Teacher Victoria Soto and Teacher’s Assistant Anne Marie Murphy who each died using their own bodies to […]

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My younger brother has been training for months to run the Boston Marathon in April. In addition to running a sum of more than 900 miles in training, he has pledged to raise over $5,000 for Harvard’s Summer Urban Program. Neither of these are easy tasks. What is the Summer Urban Program? “The Summer Urban […]

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