I just read a great opinion article by Melvina Young about the relationship between poverty and lifestyle choices. In the article, she explains that we cannot blame poverty solely on lifestyle choices. Many affluent people try to blame poverty on poor people by claiming that poor people’s bad decisions cause their poverty. However, in reality, […]

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Trading Away Poverty

29 December 2007

In a New York Times letter-to-the-editor entitled Trading Away Poverty, Ignacio Sosa writes that free markets and trade can do more to fight poverty than donations to large organizations such as the World Bank. I agree completely. Of course, we can both trade with and donate to poor communities. The two methods do not exclude […]

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I have decided to post some poverty-related news stories from around the world. A group of economists have criticized the government of Indonesia for failing to reduce the number of people living in poverty in the country despite general economic improvement for the country as a whole. 105.3 million people in Indonesia live in poverty […]

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Local Volunteer Groups Page

26 December 2007

I have added a page to this blog with a list of local volunteer groups. The list will contain the names and contact information of the organizers of local volunteer groups. Since I just made it, it currently only lists me and my group. If you already have a volunteer group, please send me the […]

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I simply want to say that I hope all of you have had a great holiday season so far whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Also, I hope you have many more happy holidays in the future. We can relax for now, but after this holiday season I want to expand this blog’s purpose to […]

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Fat Poor People

21 December 2007

I just read an interesting blog post by Philip Brewer about the fatness of poor people. In the post, Brewer points out the seeming irony of poor people’s tendency for fatness and obesity. He cites some of the common explanations given for that phenomenon, but he ultimately blames it on hunger. He explains that poor […]

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