Stop Leaving Children With Poor Parents

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Many parents could provide their children with much better lives. These parents could create an enviornment more conducive to personal success for their child. Many of these parents live in poverty, and thus force their children to grow up in poverty.

Children who grow up in poverty have a much greater chance of ending up in poverty. We call that the poverty trap. These children go to lower quality schools. They lack good role models. They sometimes have to quit school to take care of their poor families. They grow up around violence, drugs, and other horrors. Born and raised somewhere else, these same children would not end up poor.

Poverty-stricken parents who let themselves fall into poverty and do not try to escape poverty have sentenced their children to a life of struggle that will likely include a lifetime of poverty. That seems like a very bad form of child abuse to me.

I wonder if we might want to come up with a way to remove these children from these poor homes. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a place to put these children. The state already has more unadopted children than it can handle.

Whatever we do, we need to find a way to get children away from parents that let themselves fall and remain in poverty.

Please note, I am not talking about parents who live in poverty but try to get out and try to take care of their children. I am talking about the apathetic, lazy, and neglectful parents who choose to not fight their hardest to get out of poverty. For example, consider the unemployed drug-abusing mother who does not even try to get a job, despite the horrors poverty does to her children.

If you have any suggestions on how to solve that problem, please post them in the Hunger and Poverty Forums. It’s completely free, and all viewpoints are welcome.

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