The People’s Daily Online reports about about the 4th World Congress of Rural Women: Illiteracy, hunger, abuse and other challenges confronting rural women around the world will become focal issues at an international conference late next month in South Africa, a South African official said on Thursday. About 2,000 delegates from around the world will […]

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David Cronin writes about a delaration to drive back poverty: The 50th anniversary of the European Union has been marked by a declaration committing the 27-country bloc to “drive back poverty, hunger and disease” throughout the world. “While the 50th anniversary is surely a time for celebration, it is also a time to reflect on […]

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I live in Connecticut, so I especially noticed a recent article in The Daily Campus about a local hunger workshop called Hunger 101. I include an excerpt of the article: It is a common misconception that hunger is more of a global than a local issue, but roughly 100,000 people in Connecticut suffer from food […]

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Vice President of India, Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat calls poverty a blot on any civilized society. I post an excerpt of a press release on Shri Shekhawat while releasing the book “Poverty and Hunger: Causes and Consequences” by Dr. Ratan Das, an eminent Gandhian and Sarvodaya leader said that success of any programme of […]

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Jeffrey D. Sachs recently wrote an article about extreme poverty: Around one billion people live in extreme poverty, suffering from economic deprivation so severe that they must struggle daily for survival. Extreme poverty is sometimes defined as living on under $1 a day, but more accurately it is the lack of reliable access to basic […]

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Irshad Ali writes about child labor: THE complex issue of child labour has emerged once again. The notion that children are being exploited and forced into labour while not receiving an education crucial to development, concerns many people. Children do extremely hazardous work in harmful conditions, putting their health, education, personal and social development, and […]

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Children suffering from Poverty