Crops & Global Warming

4 December 2006

An unprecedented effort to protect the world’s food supplies from the ravages of climate change will be launched today by an international consortium of scientists. The move marks a growing recognition that serious changes in weather patterns are inevitable over the coming decades, and that society must begin to adapt.

Some 200-million a year will be poured into the research by governments across the world to help agricultural experts develop crops that can withstand heat and drought, find more efficient farming techniques and make better use of increasingly fragile soil and scarce water supplies.

The Stern review of the economics of climate change said a 2-3C rise in average global temperatures would put 30-200 million more people at risk of hunger. Once temperatures rise 3C, 250-550 million extra people will be at risk, more than half in Africa and western Asia. At 4C and above, global food production is likely to be hit hard. The British scientist James Lovelock warned last week that such food shortages could trigger a growing number of conflicts this century between nations desperate to find fertile land to feed their people.

Read entire U.K. Guardian article.

Thankfully, these organizations realize this particular effect of global warming, and work to counter it. However, the article says nothing about preventing man-made global warming in the first place. The dangerous gases that certain corporations and people let into our air cause many other problems in addition to global warming.

In fact, the legal immunity with which these polluters destroy our environment shows the governmentally-enforced socioeconomic inequality, which factors into the serious issues of hunger and poverty.

Live and let live. If these corporations and other polluters want to make money, good for them, but they must only do it without offensively harming anyone else. When they pollute our air and kill our environment with poisonous gases and such, they offensively harm us. Let’s defend ourselves, and the hungry and poor.

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